The video below is a “walkabout” highlighting the outside features of OASIS Stone Harbor. The end of this page also includes a video your of the interior of the beach house.

For more videos on this sustainable beach house, visit the YouTube Learn from Looking Channel.

Video Descripition:

We hope that you enjoy this video of our Stone Harbor, New Jersey beach house, “OASIS Stone Harbor – Beach House Outside Video Tour with new Swimming Pool – 2022.09.20”

Over the past four summers, I (Charlie Szoradi) have been working on the improvements to the interior as well as the exterior. This video highlights our new swimming pool that we started in early 2022 and completed in August of the same year. The video also includes the edible garden with ground cherries, beach plums, spices and blueberries. I am an amateur gardener and have started enjoying the process of growing food and well as seeing the bright red color of the crepe myrtle trees bloom at the front of the house. I added a fire pit in the front with Adirondack chairs as well as another fire pit in the back. My Tesla gets parked on at the north side of the house for charging, and our solar panels for the roof provide net zero emissions power for the house and electric cars.

As I walk into the backyard, I pass through the gate which is key for containing pet dogs. The backyard includes my do it yourself (DIY) homemade surfboard rack, the live edge dining table and the live edge outside bar. As an amateur carpenter, I also converted the old surf shed into a guest cottage, complete with internet, the smart TV, and air conditioning. The back yard also has a private “beach”, which is a nice sand area. The video tour includes our bike paddock with bike racks that I made of salvaged wood, a DIY beach chair rack with a convenient drink shelf, and our rain barrel.

Overall, climate change and population growth, have created a water, energy, and food security nexus. Since the house was built in 1954 the population of the earth has increased from 2.7 billion to 7.8 billion. When I was born in 1966, the global population was 3.4 billion, so it has more than doubled in my lifetime. I do not know of any other species where the population has doubled in a single member’s life. As apex predators, we are certainly taking more resources from the planet than it can sustain. Some people may still not believe that humans have impacted climate change, but the fact that the world population has more than doubled so quickly should be reason enough to adopt cost-effective sustainability measures for sustainable design and living.

Our small gestures to capture water, create renewable energy, and grow some veggies are spokes in a sustainable solution wheel to help reduce the adverse impact of the water, energy, and food security nexus. I wrote my architecture masters thesis on Eco-Humanism/Energy Intelligence back in 1993 at the University of Pennsylvania, and this work at our beach house is a reflection of my commitment to demonstrate sustainability solutions that are functional, aesthetic, and cost-effective. Over the summer of 2022, we housed the first ever “Sustainable Stone Harbor” open house event, and our OASIS beach house may be the most eco-friendly home on 7 Mile Island. Hopefully, our sustainability initiatives inspire others to do the same. We have the tools through key business where I am engaged:

Sustainability is a team sport!

If you are interested in renting our OASIS Stone Harbor beach house see, and please text me at 610-551-5224 or email me at Let me know the week that you are interested in renting either during the summer or in the spring, fall or up through early January. The house is fully air conditioned and heated. The house has four bedrooms, plus the fifth bedroom in the guest cottage, and it sleeps 12 or more people. It’s at 103rd street and 1st avenue, just a block from the beach and quick walk or bike ride into the main street of Stone Harbor on 96th street. We have Comcast cable, WiFi, and three smart TVs. The drive from Philadelphia and the suburbs is under 2 hours, and it is a “go to” for relaxing and recharging. We have had the house in our family for 50 years, and we welcome the opportunity to share the resource – Charlie Szoradi