Wi-Fi:  (Provided upon request and/or rental booking)

CONTACT: Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Enjoy your stay!

Charlie Szoradi – Cell for Text/Call: 610-551-5224   Szoradi.Charlie@gmail.com

This beach house has been our family summer home for over 50 years. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do! In addition to the backyard pavilion, guest cottage and combination swimming pool/spa, feel free to use the cornhole, front and backyard fire pits, bikes, surfboards, surf kayak, boogie boards, skateboard, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, beach cabana, beach toys, etc. Just take care of them as if they were your own and return them to the appropriate racks or locations. Before your leave, please just take a minute to put the cornhole bags back neatly on one of the play decks and the pavilion pillows on the chairs and sofas.

Air Conditioning and Heating: The 2nd floor hallway thermostat controls the upstairs central AC as well as the baseboard heat for the whole house. The two first floor wall mini-split systems have remote controls mounted by the front door and first floor bedroom door. Just make sure to point the remotes at the units to change the settings. Each room has a window AC unit so that you can adjust for maximum comfort. If you use the window AC units in the rooms or guest cottage, please just turn them off when you are not using them to save energy. For off season guests, please just reset the thermostat upstairs and on the wall units to 52 degrees.

Swimming Pool/Spa: We hope that you love the pool, waterfall, heater, spa bubble, jets and LED lights. To maximize your pool and spa experience, you can download the free App for Apple or Android – Pentair ScreenLogic (Credential provided upon request and/or rental booking). With kids splashing and the bubblers going on the spa, the pool water level will slightly drop. To keep the pumps going and the heater operational, the #1 most important aspect of the pool is to make sure that the water does not go below the 6” intake. The water should be at least halfway up the perimeter tiles and can go as high as an inch below the stone coping. To add water, there is a hose conveniently coiled on the south side of the outside shower. The water fills at about 1.5” per hour of hose time. Please check back in on it so that the pool water does not go above the tile and stone coping. The ideal spot is halfway up the tile.

Outdoor Pavilion Lighting: The switch to the backyard pavilion perimeter LEDs is to the right of the kitchen door facing the backyard. The switch for the dimmable and multi-speed pavilion fan/light is on the back side of the southwestern column, which is the one closest to the guest cottage.

BBQ: Please put the cover on the BBQ grill if it looks like it is going to rain. To start the BBQ, open the valve on the tank under the grill, turn one or more of the dials to the “lightning bolt” icon, and then push the started button on the left. If for any reason, it doesn’t light, the starter button cap unscrews to replace the battery, and there are extra batteries in the drawer of the small white desk near the kitchen.

Fire Pits: The starter for the fire pit at the backyard pavilion is under the tilt panel on the top side of the burner tray. To open the tank valve, the access panel is on the side of the fire pit away from the house. Please put the cover on the front fire pit if it looks like it is going to rain. The propane is under the white box at the front left side of the house. If the front fire pit does not start, check the tank by just lifting the white box.

Propane Tanks: For the BBQ grill and fire pits, there are backup tanks under the back porch.

Free Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging: The outlet is on the north side of the house. With our rooftop solar panels this is a near net zero sustainable house (See: www.OasisStoneHarbor.com) and the electricity for charging vehicles comes from the sun.

Sand Removal: To help keep sand out of the pool and the house, please use the foot washer near the door to the outdoor outside shower. The foot washer is one of my favorite “inventions”. You can easily turn the water on with a single finger, and the top is set at a convenient height to rest a drink or mobile phone.

Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Linens, Dishes, Trash and Recycling: There are extra TP and PT rolls in the first-floor bedroom closet. If you use the available linens and towels, please just wash, dry, and fold them before you leave. Please also run and empty the dishwasher, clear the waste baskets from each bathroom, and take out the trash and recycling before you leave.

Planting Beds and Pots: We grow mint and other plants around the property. Feel free to “harvest” and eat the mint, blueberries, and beach plumbs. Watering the plants over your stay is not expected but welcomed.

ADDED INFO: Swimming Pool and Spa

App: Pentair ScreenLogic. (Provided upon request and/or rental booking). Keep an eye on the water level at about 3” below the top, so that the pumps and heater run. Top off with the hose if needed.

Energy Savings: To save energy, when you are done enjoying the pool or go to bed, please make sure to turn off the lights, heat, jets bubbles, etc.  In the spring and fall, to save on heating costs and support environmental sustainability, we bought a special hi-tech cover that is sized to fit our exact pool. The blue side goes up and it just lays across the water when you’re not swimming in it at night. The cover is folded in the “storage bin” which is directly to the right of the beach chair rack on the south side of the house. Over the summer we do not typically bother to use the pool cover.

Water Temperature: Refreshing comfortable pool temperature is usually around 82°. The App lets you adjust the pool temperature. We have found that 95° is awesome. If you want to go all the way up to the maximum 104° (hot tub level) feel free. This is sometimes a great call when you have the bubbles and jets on at night. Please just remember to turn off the pool heater when you go to bed.

Flow Settings: IMPORTANT #1: The water needs to circulate in the pool throughout the day, so do not change the schedule or speed of the pumps. IMPORTANT #2: Delete the app from your phone when you complete your stay so that you don’t accidentally make changes to the pool!

Waterfall: The default is set on a “trickle” for a zen like audio feature. The waterfall pump will go up to a full cascading sheet of water. Feel free to manually change it on the equipment, without using the app. To do so go to the pump gauge on the south side of the house at the equipment rack. It is the one closest to the front of the house. You can adjust the little silver toggle switch up and down to adjust the waterfall pressure. When you have it set at the desired pressure, switch the toggle to the middle setting and that holds the pressure. You can leave the waterfall running throughout your stay, and please set it back to “trickle” before leaving.

Pool Lights:  The App controls the pool lights. The horizontal LED band at the top of the waterfall wall is controlled by the remote control that is on the little white desk between the dining area and kitchen. 

Floating Cylinder: We use a high-tech blue green color device that is about 5″ in diameter and remotely monitors with Wi-Fi the pool chemistry. Do not take it out of the pool or unscrew the top cover, because it will be permanently damaged if unscrewed and gets water inside.